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Maruf Hasan, a BSc Electrical & Electronic Engineering graduate from Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology, boasts over a year of service as an Excel & VBA Content Developer at Exceldemy. He authored 30+ insightful articles and offers solutions to diverse Excel challenges. Maruf's exceptional content reflects his passion for Microsoft Office, problem-solving, and writing. Committed to simplifying complex processes, he significantly contributes to Exceldemy and is deeply enthusiastic about continuous learning in Microsoft Office Suite and data analysis.


Excel & VBA Content Developer at ExcelDemy in SOFTEKO.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh.


BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology


Content Writing, Microsoft Office, Data Analysis.


  • Technical Content Writing
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  • Currently working as an Excel & VBA Content Developer.
  • Started technical content writing of Excel & VBA in November 2022.

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  1. Hello Nathalie,

    I tried to sort it according to your comment. But, later, I discovered that Excel’s built-in sunburst chart does not natively support nested sorting. The sunburst chart in Excel is designed to represent hierarchical data with a radial layout, but it does not provide options for specifying the order of data within each level.
    The “Treemap” chart better represents hierarchical data with nested sorting.

    Maruf Hasan
    Exceldemy Team.

  2. Hello Jasmina,
    I checked the code in Method 2. It is working fine. I presume you forgot to add a ‘backslash(\)’ after the path. The editor can not detect the path without backslash. Copy the following line and paste in your code. Hope it will work!

    mPath = "E:\Jasmina\Excell-tips\TestVAB\Kupci-upl-test\"

    Maruf Hasan

  3. Hello Hannah!

    Thanks for reaching out! You are correct. The direction (East or West) of the bearing is crucial, and it needs to be accounted for in the calculation of radians.

    In navigation and mapping, the convention is usually to measure bearings clockwise from north, meaning that eastward directions are considered positive, and westward directions are considered negative. Bearings can be given in degrees, minutes, and seconds or in radians. To account for this, you should modify the formula for converting bearings to radians as follows:

    For East Bearings: Simply convert degrees, minutes, and seconds to radians as previously described, and the result will be positive.
    =RADIANS(Degrees + (Minutes / 60) + (Seconds / 3600))

    For West Bearings: Convert degrees, minutes, and seconds to radians as previously described, but make the result negative.
    =-RADIANS(Degrees + (Minutes / 60) + (Seconds / 3600))

    By introducing the negative sign for West bearings, you account for the direction correctly. Positive radians represent East bearings, and negative radians represent West bearings.

    Please keep in mind,
    Bearings measured clockwise from true north: East is positive. West is negative.
    Bearings measured in radians: Counterclockwise is positive. Clockwise is negative.

    If you have any further queries, please inform us in the reply section. Thanks.

    Best Regards,
    ExcelDemy Team

  4. Hello Vera,
    Thanks for reaching out! Here, in your formula I can see few issues. First, your formula has double quotes around the table references in conditions. These quotes are not necessary; you should directly compare the values. Please check that the cell references in your conditions (C3, C4, C5, C6) contain the correct values that you’re searching for in the specified ranges in the TABLES sheet. Also make sure that the data types match. If one of the values is a text string, the comparison should be done with text.
    Here, I am adding the modified formula, try this. If it doesn’t work, please share the Excel file with us!

    =INDEX(TABLES!E98:T189, MATCH(1, (TABLES!$D$97:$S$97=$C$3) * (TABLES!$C$98:$C$189=$C$4) * (TABLES!$B$98:$B$189=$C$5) * (TABLES!$A$99:$A$189=$C$6), 0))

  5. Hello Adam! I checked the excel file and followed the steps mentioned in the article. It seems to work fine. Here, I am attaching a video for you, please follow this video and try again. If you face difficulties again, please send your excel file to [email protected].
    You can also read the article below to know more about VBA inputbox.
    Have a nice day!

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