Copying Excel Pivot Table!

A pivot table is very flexible, but it has several limitations. Say you can’t add new rows or columns to a pivot table, though you can add rows or columns in the data source. You can’t change any of the calculated values, or you can’t enter formulas within the pivot table. If you want to manipulate a pivot table, you can make a copy of it so it’s no longer linked to its data source.

To copy a pivot table, select the entire table and choose Home ➪ Clipboard ➪ Copy (or press Ctrl+C). Now select a new worksheet and choose Home ➪ Clipboard ➪ Paste ➪ Paste Values. In this way, the pivot table formatting will not be copied. Even if you repeat your paste operation choosing the Formats option in the Paste Special dialog box, you can’t copy pivot table with formatting.

If you want to copy the pivot table with its formatting, you have to use the Office Clipboard to paste. If the Office Clipboard is not displayed in your Excel worksheet, click the dialog box launcher in the bottom-right corner of the Home ➪ Clipboard group.

So you have copied the contents of the pivot table to a new location. So you can do whatever you like with this pivot table. Note that this copied pivot table is no longer related to the source data. If you change the source data, there will be no effect on this copied pivot table.

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