How to Change Encoding in Excel -3 Methods



This is the sample dataset.

How to Change Encoding in Excel Dataset

Method 1 – Changing the Encoding by using the Web Options in Excel


  • Select the File tab.

Change Encoding Through Web Options in Excel

  • Choose Options.

  • In Advanced, choose General
  • Click Web Options to change the encoding.

  • A dialog box will open.

Change Encoding in Excel Dialog Box

  • In Save this document as, change the encoding and click OK.

  • Click OK again.

  • The encoding of your Excel file is changed.

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Method 2 – Using the Text Import Wizard to Change the Encoding

This is the sample dataset.

Text File to Change Encoding in Excel


  • Go to the Data tab and select From Text.

Use Text Import Wizard for Changing Encoding

  • Select the text file and click Import.

  • Select the encoding from File Origin and click Load.

This is the output.

Method 3 – Changing the Encoding While Saving the Excel File


  • Go to the File tab.

Change Encoding while Saving Excel File

  • In Save As, select More Options.

  • In Tools, choose Web Options.

  • In Encoding, select the encoding.

  • Click Save.

  • This is the output.

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Download Practice Workbook

Download the workbook here.

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