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Sales are the cornerstone and lifeblood of any business, whether a small tea stall or a multi-billion capital company. You often find that financial analysts use sales volume and its collection as the core measurement of business success and potential business growth.

In this Excel blog, you will find a comprehensive sales template in Excel presented (in the following image) for free download. In the later parts of this article, we added two different templates related to the Excel sales template are discussed.

Excel Sales Template

Click on the image to see a detailed view

The above image will provide you with an overview of the sales template in Excel. But, with this template, we provided two additional sheets for sales performance analyses and sales plan templates.

Download Excel Sales Template Free
Click on the button below to download the Excel sales template (for free). This sales template in Excel has different sections including a sales summary, sales recording table, sales performance analyses, and sales plan template.

Download Excel Sales Template

For: Excel 2007 or later
License: Private Use

You can use this template for any merchandising business organization whose main earnings source is sales revenue.

How to Use Excel Sales Template

Now, we will discuss the instructions on how to use our Excel sales template file. Before that, preview the following image of the Excel sales template. This sales template has 9 columns for recording sales data of your company and, at the top parts of the template, a summary section of the sales data is also available.

Here, the above Excel sales template is customizable. You can adjust and extend its rows and columns precisely to fit your requirements. Here, the data entry procedure of the above sales template is discussed for your best use.

  1. Firstly, write your product name in the 6 cells below Your Products. In this template, you can insert a maximum of 6 products (we already inserted some dummy data).Products
  2. Then, insert your dates, customer name, sales order no. (you can replace it with invoice no.), unit price and sales quantity to the appropriate field.
  3. Choose a product name and payment method for each order from the validated drop-down list.

After data entry in the above appropriate manner, you will get an overview of your sales data.
Sales Summary

This Excel sales template will provide a sales summary to compare planned and actual sales, total cash sales and total credit sales, and total sales in volume and amount (on the top-left). You can also find product-wise sales amount and volume by just selecting a product from the drop-down list.

Templates Related to Excel Sales Template

We provided a template for tracking sales transactions and simply recording them, which is the main purpose of this article. But, analyzing the performance of sales periodically and planning for future sales is also important to the sales department of every business. Here, we will give you two additional templates, sales performance template and sales plan template, which are significantly relevant to the sales template, are presented in brief with images.

Sales Performace Template in Excel

You can review the following image to get an idea of our sales performance template. It is a basic template for analyzing the sales performance of your business.

Sales Performance Template

Click on the image to see the detailed view

You will find this template in a different sheet of our downloadable Excel sales template.

Sales Plan Template in Excel

Here, you can preview the following image to get an idea of our sales plan template in Excel. This template is already built in a different sheet from our downloadable Excel sales template file.

Sales Plan Template

Click on the image to see the detailed view

You will find that, this template has fields for sales representative name, product name, region, strategy type, and forecast close (months in dropdown lists). Customize the sheet for your business types.


So, in concluding this Excel guide, we have shared an Excel sales template [Free Download] and delivered some instructions on how to use it. Additionally, you will find two other templates related to sales performance and sales planning are appropriately provided in the same Excel file (in different sheets). Feel free to use these free sales templates and communicate any issue.

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