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Mehrab Imtiaz is a professional with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from North South University. He has three years of valuable experience writing and reviewing 100+ articles over multiple projects, including ExcelDemy and OfficeWheel, as a Team Leader and a Reviewer for the prior. His interests revolve around practical Excel applications, Data Analysis, and SEO. Mehrab, an avid gamer, draws real-world creativity from the virtual realm. His diverse background and passion for innovation make him a dynamic professional contributor.


Reviewer at ExcelDemy in SOFTEKO.

Lives in

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Education in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), North South University.


Data Analysis, Content Writing, C, C++, Python, JavaScript (Basic), HTML, SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Office.


  • Technical Content Writing
  • Technical Content Reviewing
  • Team Management


  • Currently working as Reviewer of ExcelDemy under SOFTEKO.
  • Led the creation of the project OfficeWheel under SOFTEKO.
  • Started technical content writing for SOFTEKO on January 2021 then later prompted as Team Leader for Content Management
  • Worked as a lead Content Developer and Front End Developer for Bangladesh Digital Education and Research Ltd. (BDEducation).

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