Excel, Data, and VBA Projects Consulting Services

No more Excel headaches!

What Excel, Data, and VBA problems are you facing today?

I receive many messages from our lovely readers, subscribers, and followers (via email and on our Facebook fan page) to solve their day-to-day Excel, Data, and VBA-related problems.

But due to the shortage of time, my team and I cannot reply to or solve all those messages/problems.

So, I have partnered with ExcelRescue to solve your problems. ExcelRescue is eager to solve the following day to day Excel problems:

  • Graph, Chart, or Data Visualization
  • Dashboard, Scorecard, or Executive Summary
  • Duplicate Records Check (Deduplicate)
  • Recover a Corrupt File
  • Write a Function or Formula
  • Audit for Mistakes
  • Reformat or Reorganize
  • Write a Simple Macro
  • Something Else?

Why have I partnered with ExcelRescue?

I was in connection with Shane (founder of ExcelRescue.net) for a long time via email. I loved his team for some very good reasons:

  • A team full of Excel developers and project managers
  • Highly sensitive data is safe with them (protected by a strict non-disclosure agreement)
  • Fast delivery
  • Money-back guarantee with the projects
  • And for a few minutes of consultancy, there is no charge.

For smaller budget projects, I highly recommend ExcelRescue.net. They have got so many good reviews from their clients.

Know more about ExcelRescue.net.