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Excel, Data, and VBA Projects Consulting Services

No more Excel headaches!

What Excel, Data, and VBA problems are you facing today?

I receive many messages from our lovely readers, subscribers, and followers (via email and on our Facebook fan page) to solve their day to day Excel, Data, and VBA related problems.

But due to the shortage of time, my team and I cannot reply to or solve all those messages/problems.

So, I have partnered with ExcelRescue to solve your problems. ExcelRescue is eager to solve the following day to day Excel problems:

  • Graph, Chart, or Data Visualization
  • Dashboard, Scorecard or Executive Summary
  • Duplicate Records Check (Deduplicate)
  • Recover a Corrupt File
  • Write a Function or Formula
  • Audit for Mistakes
  • Reformat or Reorganize
  • Write a Simple Macro
  • Something Else?

Why have I partnered with ExcelRescue?

I was in connection with Shane (founder of ExcelRescue.net) for a long time via email. I loved his team for some very good reasons:

  • A team full of Excel developers and project managers
  • Highly sensitive data is safe with them (protected by a strict non-disclosure agreement)
  • Fast delivery
  • Money back guarantee with the projects
  • And for few minutes consultancy, there is no charge

For smaller budget projects, I highly recommend ExcelRescue.net. They have got so many good reviews from their clients.

Know more about ExcelRescue.net.