[Solved] I desperately need help on how to create excels for each of these problem. Could someone please help me!!! Please I need help!

Hello Leslie!
All of your problems can be solved using the Excel Solver feature. I am sharing all the solutions in the attached Excel File and giving brief instructions so you can learn how to solve them yourself.

Solution: Q1

Follow these steps:
  1. Create an Excel workbook and set up a table with the following columns: "Product," "Wiring (hours)," "Drilling (hours)," and "Profit."
  2. Enter the product names (Air Conditioner and Heater), their respective wiring and drilling requirements, and the profit for each product.
  3. In a new row, specify the total available wiring and drilling hours (240 and 140, respectively).
  4. Calculate the total profit using the SUMPRODUCT function for each product's profit and production quantity.
  5. Create cells to input the number of Air Conditioners and Heaters to be produced.
  6. Use the Solver tool (found in the Data tab) to maximize the total profit by changing the number of air conditioners and heaters produced. Follow this article to learn how to use Excel Solver.
  7. Set constraints for wiring and drilling hours to ensure they do not exceed the available hours.
  1. Click "Solve" in the Solver Parameters dialog to find the optimal solution.
  2. The solver will determine the number of Air Conditioners and Heaters to produce, as well as the optimal profit value.

Solution Q2:​


Solution Q3:​


Solution Q4:​

In this problem, I have used the Excel solver to get the minimum cost. You can use the heuristic northwest corner method. For this, you will start inserting values in cell range B10:D12 from cell B10, and you have to insert values using your guess.

Solution Q5:​

Also, in this case, I have used the Excel Solver. But you can insert values manually.


If you have any further queries, please inform us in the reply. Thanks.

Best Wishes,
ExcelDemy Team


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