How to Zoom Out on Excel Online (4 Quick Ways)

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If you are searching for the solution or some special tricks to zoom out on Excel online version then you have landed in the right place. There are some easy ways to zoom out on Excel online version. This article will show you each and every step with proper illustrations so, you can easily apply them for your purpose. Let’s get into the main part of the article.

4 Ways to Zoom Out on Excel Online

In this section, I will show you 4 quick and easy methods to zoom out on Excel online version on Windows operating system. You will find detailed explanations of methods and formulas here. I have used Microsoft 365 version here. But you can use any other versions as of your availability. If any methods don’t work in your version then leave us a comment.

1. From Status Bar

Both in the Excel offline and online versions you will find the zoom in and zoom out option in the status bar. Find it in the Right-Bottom corner of the worksheet in the Excel tab that opened in a browser. Here, you will a minus icon and a plus icon along with a percentage value. The percentage value is the zoom percentage at that time. By default, it is 100%.

How to Zoom Out on Excel Online

Here, click on the minus icon to zoom out with gradual decrement. Pressing the minus icon once, it will zoom out by 10%. So, you can’t zoom out or zoom in smoothly to any other values except the multiplications of 10.

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2. From View Tab

Also, you will find the zoom percentage value in the view tab. Here, you can manually insert the value of any digits. For this, go to the View tab and here you find the zoom percentage amount. It is at 100% by default.

How to Zoom Out on Excel Online

You can click on the drop-down arrow to select from the available options or you can just manually insert the value.

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3. Using Keyboard Shortcut

Alternatively, you can use simple Excel keyboard shortcuts to zoom out or zoom in on the worksheet of the Excel Online version. Press the following shortcut keys to zoom out and zoom in.

Zoom Out Shortcut

Ctrl + Alt + Minus(-) Key

Zoom In Shortcut

Ctrl + Alt + Plus(+) Key

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4. Using Keyboard and Mouse Wheel

Alternatively, there is one more shortcut available for you which is a combination of keyboard and mouse. You can simply hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and scroll down the mouse wheel to zoom out and scroll up to zoom in on the worksheet. So, follow the steps for this :

  • First, open and click on any cell of the worksheet
  • Then press the following shortcuts to zoom in or zoom out using the keyboard and mouse:

Zoom Out Shortcut

Hold Ctrl key + Scroll Down the Mouse wheel

Zoom In Shortcut

Hold Ctrl key + Scroll Up the Mouse wheel


In this article, you have found how to zoom out on Excel online version. I hope you found this article helpful. You can visit our website ExcelDemy to learn more Excel-related content. Please, drop comments, suggestions, or queries if you have any in the comment section below.

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Osman Goni Ridwan

Osman Goni Ridwan

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  1. i just got an update office update – small changes here and there on Teams etc. Online excel has removed the Zoom feature.

    and CTRL mouse wheel zooms the entire page, not just the rows and cells.

    would you have any advice on how to get it back? Online searches have produced the basic zoom options like your article.




      1. Help > Keyboard Shortcuts
      2. Uncheck “Override Browser Shortcuts”
      3. ⌘ + 0
      4. Recheck “Override Browser Shortcuts”

      hope this helps 🙂

    • Dear JEREMIAH,
      Thanks for following our article. Here, you have mentioned that after an update you are not getting the default Zoom feature of Excel Online. But we are not facing such kind of problem. Also, one thing needs to add that, when we zoom any Excel sheet that will zoom in or out throughout the sheet, not in specific rows or cells. If we want to apply zoom in or out of a specific row or cell, we have to customize the length and width of that row or cell.
      Are you still facing this problem?

      • there is no zoom button in the status bar or in the view menu

        • Dear X,
          Thank you so much for following the article. We can still see the Zoom option in the status bar and in the view tab as the author described in this article. So we cannot fully understand what your specific issue is. Would you please post your problem with a screenshot on our Excel Forum?
          -ExcelDemy Team

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