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Last updated on June 11th, 2015

Do you have excellent experience in your field, and a passion for publishing yourself online or teaching? If so, creating tutorials/ articles for ExcelDemy.com is for you!

ExcelDemy.com is a growing Microsoft Excel Network. We are on our way to add many more features in coming days. Who will write for us will get considerable exposure to online network.

What We’re Looking For

We are looking for articles that are:

  • Complete
  • Detailed
  • Informative
  • Has practical experience
  • Article of highest quality
  • Creative
  • Understandable Explanation of topics
  • At least 400-500 words article

If you’re not sure whether your tutorial concept is suitable or not, send us a sample, along with an introduction and examples of your work, we will review and then let you know.

Let us know the topic you are planning to write on

It is important! Let us know the topic you are planning to write on. We don’t need so many articles on same topic. Just give us the topic name and send a brief description of the content. That’s it.

What you will get in return

Around 38% of world population of the world now use online and the number is increasing every second. Your online presence is a must now-a-days to get a worldwide recognition. Virtual identity is no more just for fashion, it is now the identity for existence.

Writing for us, you can ensure any of the following returns:

  • Your published article along with your biography will give you a ground to connect more people.
  • You can promote your website for more visitors with dofollow link.
  • You will be able to connect more experts in Excel Network.
  • Teaching people will assure that you have given something back to the society that we owe much.
  • You will reach the audience of my website that is around 5000 unique visitors per month (11th June, 2015).

Other Important Information

Before you submit anything, check out whether you are happy with the following points:

  • Your tutorial must be your original work and not published elsewhere. ExcelDemy.com will retain the digital publishing rights exclusively.
  • You will need to submit your tutorial using the following email address with all the necessary files.
  • Your tutorial may be edited prior to publishing.

Where to Contact!

You can use the comment box below the post to contact or you can drop your mail at this address: article@exceldemy.com

To ask any question regarding this, contact with us: article@exceldemy.com

Thank you and keep in touch.

Happy Excelling ☕