How Do You Wrap The Text In a Cell (5 Easy Ways)

If you have long text in any Excel cells, it becomes difficult to read and your Excel sheet looks disorganized. You can easily wrap the text in a cell by following some easy techniques. In this article, I’ll introduce you to 5 easy ways to do the job.

Look at the following dataset. Here, we have five products and descriptions for each product. The cells for product  description have a lot of texts which have crossed the border of each cell. Now we have to wrap these texts in respective cells.

Dataset for wrapping text

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5 Easy Ways to Wrap Text In a Cell

1. From the Home Tab

You can easily wrap the text in a cell by using the Home Tab. First, select all the cells in which you want to wrap text.

Wrap Text in a Cell

Now Go to Home> Alignment> Wrap Text

Wrap Text in a Cell

It will wrap the texts in every cell you have selected.

Wrapped Text

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2. Using Format Cells

Another way to wrap the text in a cell is using Format Cells. Select the cells and right-click. A context menu will appear. Select Format Cells from the context menu.

Format cells context menu

After that, the Format Cells dialog box will appear. Go to Alignment, Check in the Wrap Text box and click on OK.

Wrap Text in a Cell

The texts will be wrapped in the corresponding cells.

wrap text

3. Using Keyboard Shortcut

The easiest way to wrap the text in a cell is using a keyboard shortcut. Select the cells in which you want to wrap texts and press ALT+H+W.

wrap text in a cell

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4. Wrap Text Using Line Brake

You can wrap the text in a cell by inserting Line break manually. Click on the cell and put the cursor to the point where you want to insert a line break.

line break

Now press ALT+ENTER and your text from that point will move into the next line.

applying line break

In this manner, you can wrap the text in all the cells by manually inserting a line break.

wrap text in a cell

5. Wrap Text for Merged Cell

Merging cells convert multiple cells to a single cell. You can learn how to merge cells from here. If you have a Merged cell in your Excel sheet, you have to unmerge the cell first for wrapping the text.

Before unmerging a cell we have to identify the merged cell. If you select a cell and the cell is merged, the Merger & Center Box in the Home tab will be highlighted by a darker box. To unmerge the cells click on the Merge & Center Box.

identifying merged cell

Now the cells will be unmerged and the Merger & Center Box is not highlighted anymore.

unmerged cells

Now Go to Home and click on Wrap Text in the alignment section of commands.

wrap text in a cell

The text in your selected cells will be merged.

wrapped text

In a similar manner, you can merge the text in all other cells.

wrapping text in all cells

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You can wrap the text in a cell within a couple of seconds by using any of the described methods. If you face any problem while merging a cell, please leave a comment.

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