How to Show Count in Excel Status Bar (With Easy Steps)

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If you are looking for how to show the count in the Excel status bar, then you are in the right place. In our practical life, we often need to use Excel for various purposes. When we deal with a large amount of data, we need to count data for the fluent running of our activities. The Count option works like the COUNTA function. It just counts the number of cells which are not empty. In this article, we’ll try to discuss how to show count in the Excel status bar.

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2 Steps to Show Count in Excel Status Bar

Excel offers extremely limited steps to show counts in the status bar, but those are amazingly easy to use. To show this, firstly, we have prepared a dataset named Dataset for Showing Count which has column headers such as Name of Employee, Designation, Working Hours, and Hourly Pay Rate. The dataset is like this.

how to show count in excel status bar

Let’s see how we can show the count in the status bar.

Step-01: Select Database

  • Firstly, select the database we want to count. Here, we have selected cells B5:B14. That means we want to count how many Employees are there in the database.

how to show count in excel status bar, selecting database

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Step-02: Add Count from Customize Status Bar

  • After selecting the database, right-click on the status bar, which is located at the bottom-most part of the Excel sheet.

how to show count in excel status bar, adding count

Eventually, a Customize Status Bar window will appear.

  • Thirdly, select Count from the window.

add count

Eventually, we’ll see that the Count option is added to the status bar.

Later, it counted 10 employees, which are shown by Count: 10 in the following screenshot.

add count

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Things to Remember

  • We should first select the database we want to count. Otherwise, the display of Count at the bottom will not appear.
  • From the Customize Status Bar window, we can select and deselect any other option according to our requirements.


We can show the count in the status bar in any kind of database in Excel if we study this article properly. Please feel free to visit our official Excel learning platform ExcelDemy for further queries.

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