How to Remove Checkbox in Excel (6 Methods)

Sometimes while using Excel we have to use a checkbox to keep track of the progress of our To-do list or the opinions of the customers etc. After the purpose of such a checkbox has been served and we do not need it anymore, sometimes we find it very difficult to remove the box from our workbook. In this article, I will show you 6 easy methods to remove the unwanted checkbox from the excel worksheet.

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6 Methods to Remove Checkbox in Excel 

Let’s say, we have a To-do list with some tasks in our excel workbook which we had to complete in the previous week. We used checkboxes to keep track of the completion of each task. Now, we will use 6 simple ways to remove the checkbox in excel from our workbook.

Remove Checkbox in Excel Worksheet

1. Remove Checkboxes Using Right-click Menu

If the checkboxes have a right-click menu enabled, then we will follow these steps-

Step 1:

  • We will move our mouse cursor/pointer on the checkbox we want to remove.
  • Then we will click the right button on our mouse.

Remove Checkbox Using Right-Click

Step 2:

  • Press the ESC key on the keyboard to dismiss the Right-Click menu.
  • Press the DELETE key on the keyboard.

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2. Remove Multiple Checkboxes Using Mouse

We can also use our mouse to remove multiple checkboxes that we do not want. To do so, Let’s follow the steps-

Step 1:

  • You need to press and hold CTRL, click on the checkboxes with the mouse.

Remove Checkbox Using Mouse

Step 2:

  • Then you have to press DELETE on the keyboard to remove the checkboxes.

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3. Remove Multiple Checkboxes Using Go To Special Tool

Another way to delete checkboxes is to use the Go To Special tool. To use this tool-

Step 1:

  • In the Ribbon, go to Home > Find & Select > Go To Special.

Remove Checkbox Using Go To Special

Step 2:           

  • A pop-up screen will appear. We will select (1) Objects and then click (2)

Step 3:

  • Checkboxes in Excel are classified as objects. So after selecting   Objects in the Go To Special Tool. All the checkboxes in our excel workbook will be selected.

Remove Checkbox Using Go To Special

Step 4:

  • Now we will just press DELETE on the keyboard and the checkboxes will be removed.

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4. Remove Checkbox Using Design Mode

If the checkboxes do not have the right-click option enabled then we can use Design Mode as an alternative way to remove the checkboxes. To do so-

Step 1:

  • Firstly, We have to go to the Developers From there We have to select Design Mode.

Remove Checkbox Using Design Mode

Step 2:

  • Then we can click on the checkboxes, select them, and press DELETE to remove the checkboxes from the excel worksheet.

5. Remove Checkbox Using Select Object Tool

Select Object tool is a very efficient way to remove checkboxes from the Excel workbook. To use this tool-

Step 1:

  • First, Go to the Home tab
  • Then Click Find and Select 
  • From the dropdown click on Select-Object 

Remove Checkbox Using Select Object

Step 2:

  • Select the checkboxes you want to remove
  • Finally, press DELETE on your keyboard to remove the checkboxes

6. Remove Checkbox Using VBA

A short and simple VBA script, however, could also be used to remove checkboxes easily.  To do so, you have to do the following steps-

Step 1:

  • At first, Click Developer > Visual Basic, a new Microsoft Visual Basic for applications window will be displayed.

Using VBA to Remove Checkbox

Step 2:

  • Then Click Insert > Module

How to Remove Checkbox in Excel

Step 3:

  • After that input the following code into the Module
Sub DeleteCheckBox()
On Error Resume Next
End Sub
  • Then click the button to execute the code. Following the execution of the program, all the checkboxes will be removed.

Things to Remember

  • If you do not have a Developer tab, you can make it visible in File > Option > Customize Ribbon.
  • To open VBA editor Press ALT + F11
  • You can press ALT + F8 to bring up the Macro window.


After reading this article, I hope you can successfully remove unwanted checkboxes from your excel worksheet following any of the methods we discussed. Please leave a comment if you face any type of confusion regarding any of the discussed methods.

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