How to Print Selected Cells in Excel (2 Easy Ways)

As the use of Excel increases on a daily basis, we may need to have a printed hardcopy of our Excel spreadsheet. Varying to your work, you may want to print the entire workbook or print selected cells in Excel.

It is easy for you to print an entire sheet, since Microsoft Excel will print all the data on a worksheet by default, regardless of the versions (Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019). But, for printing a specific selection of cells you have to make some adjustments prior to printing. This article will show two very easy and simple ways to print a selected range of cells.

First things first, let’s know about the excel sheet first, which has been used as the example for this article.

Excel File of article print selected celss

This excel sheet is about customer details, pursuing credit cards. There are six columns, Gender Code, Customer Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, Credit Card Type. For your convenience, I have shared the excel sheet. You can download it from here.

2 Ways to Print Selected Cells in Excel

Method 1: Printing a Specific Selection of Cells in Excel 

The first method is easy as the name suggests, you select your desired cells and print. Let’s begin,

  1. Select the range of cells you want to print, let’s assume you want to print the Customer Name, Address and Email only. So select that portion.

Select the cells you want to print

  1. Now, Click on File (on the top left of Microsoft Excel) and then select Print or simply press Ctrl+P.

Print option for print selected cells

  1. Now on the Excel Print Settings option click on the list icon of print area settings.
  2. You will find a couple of options. Select the last one Print Selection

Print Selection - print selected cells

Now you will see the preview area is showing only the selected cells. Click “Print” to wrap up the process.

Method 2: Define the Printing Area in Excel 

In this way, we will set a printing area before triggering the print. This method can be very handy, if you print a selected area frequently. For initializing a certain area, you have two options. Let’s explore them.

Creating Print Area

You can create your print area very easily. If you explore Excel ribbon, you will find Page Layout. We are going to use a feature of that tab.

  1. Select the area (cells) on the sheet
  2. Now on the Page Layout tab, you will see an option called Print Area.
  3. Click on the list icon of Print Area

Print Area - print selected cells

  1. Click on Set Print Area

That will do the task for you. Your printing area has been selected. Now you can print the selected portion.

Setting Print Area with Page Setup

In this method we will select the area, to be defined as the print area in the Page Setup dialog. To accomplish the task, again you are in need of Page Layout feature.

  1. First click on Page Layout (if you are on a different tab).
  2. You will see a number of options there. Click on Print Titles.

Print Titles-print selected area

  1. A new dialog box will emerge upon you (as like the image below). In this dialog box, Enter your cell range at the Print area

Print Area of Print Titles

  1. Or, Click on the arrow and then in the Page Setup – Print area dialog box, select the range of cells you want to print.

Area selection on Page setup

  1. Once you select the print area hit Enter or click on the arrow of this dialog box. Now you will see the Page Setup dialog box is as follows

Set Print Area on Print Titles

You can check out the options you want to use from here on. Now you can directly print from here clicking on Print, or just click on OK and save it for later. For the time being I’m clicking OK. The printing area has been set.

Print_Area at the Name Box

So far we have seen how to set the print area. After you have set the area, select the cells which have been included into your print area and have a look towards the Name Box, you can see something interesting here.

Print_Area in Name Box

Yes, once you have defined the print area, Excel will know the range and name it as Print_Area. From now on every time you select the range, the Name Box will show Print_Area as active cell.

As your print area has been set, the next time you print, this area will be selected by default.


So that’s all for today’s session. I’ve tried listing out a couple of basic methods to print a particular area in Excel. Hope you will find this helpful. Feel free to comment if anything seems hard to understand. Let us know which of the options you prefer most or if you have your own way of printing a specific area or cells.

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