How to Make Excel Faster on Windows 10 (19 Effective Ways)

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When the Excel spreadsheet contains a large number of data and calculations, the application loses its efficiency, and the processing time of that calculation takes more time than usual. If you are looking for some special tricks to make Excel faster on Windows 10, you’ve come to the right place. There are nineteen ways to make Excel faster on Windows 10. This article will discuss every step of these methods to make Excel faster on Windows 10. Let’s follow the complete guide to learn all of this.

How to Make Excel Faster on Windows 10: 19 Effective Ways

In the following section, we will use nineteen effective and tricky methods to make Excel faster on Windows 10. This section provides extensive details on the twenty methods. You should learn and apply all of these to improve your thinking capability and Excel knowledge. We use the Microsoft Office 365 version here, but you can utilize any other version according to your preference.

1. Run Excel in Safe Mode

To make Excel faster on Windows 10, you need to run Excel in safe mode. Here, we demonstrate how to run Excel in safe mode. You have to follow the following process to start Excel in a safe mood.

📌 Steps:

  • First of all, press and hold down the Ctrl key when starting Excel.
  • In addition, press ‘Windows+R’, type excel.exe/safe, and press Enter.

How to Make Excel Faster on Windows 10

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2. Disable Add-ins

Occasionally, you may need to disable any installed Add-ins to make Excel faster since Add-ins can interfere with the app’s functionality and cause issues with the slowdown of Excel. Let’s walk through the steps to find out how to disable Add-ins.

📌 Steps:

  • Firstly, after opening the Excel file, click on the File tab.

Disable Add-ins

  • Next, click on More and then select Options.

How to Make Excel Faster on Windows 10

  • When the Excel Options window appears, click on Add-ins, go to the Manage field, and click on the Go button.

  • When the Add-ins dialogue box appears, uncheck all the boxes and click on OK.

How to Make Excel Faster on Windows 10

This is how you will be able to make Excel faster on Windows 10.

3. Repair Microsoft Office

We can also make faster Excel by repairing Microsoft 365. To do this you have to follow the following process.

📌 Steps:

  • Firstly, press ‘Windows+R’. Then, type appwiz. cpl. Next, press Enter. Or you can use a direct way to open Programs and Features in the Control panel.

Repair Microsoft Office

  • Right-click on Microsoft 365 and select Change.

Or you can follow the following steps to repair the Microsoft Office.

  • To repair, go to Settings from the Windows icon at the bottom-left of your screen.
  • Then select Apps.

How to Make Excel Faster on Windows 10

  • After that, click on Apps & features from the left of the window.

How to Make Excel Faster on Windows 10

  • Then select your Microsoft Office app and click on Modify under it.

How to Make Excel Faster on Windows 10

  • Now click on Yes if a user account control box appears.
  • Next, select Quick Repair or Online Repair depending on your preference, and click on Repair.

How to Make Excel Faster on Windows 10

4. Remove Unnecessary Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting takes a vast time to process the calculation. Because in every step, Excel has to check the conditions with the cell value and show the cell formatting. If your dataset contains thousands of rows to compute, then the situation of that file will be worse. Try to avoid all unessential condition formatting. It may save lots of your computation time.

5. Use Simple Formulas

Nested formulas increase the computation time of your dataset. In the nested formula, Excel required additional time to trace the primary functions and use their value in further computation of that formula. Using multiple simple formulas instead of one complex formula can increase the speed of calculation in a large dataset.

6. Replace Complex Formulas with VBA Code

In addition to using multiple formulas, we can replace the complex formulas with a VBA code. The VBA code of any complex formula requires much less time to run than the main formula. As a consequence, the computation time of Excel will decrease, and we will be able to complete our calculations earlier.

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7. Modifying Excel Options

Sometimes, changing Excel’s advanced formula options help us to make faster Excel calculation. The procedure to change the advanced formula options is given as follows:

📌 Steps:

  • First, select File > Options.

Modifying Excel Options

  • As a result, the Excel Options dialog box will appear.
  • Now, click on the Advanced option.
  • Scroll down with your mouse to get to the Formulas section.
  • Then, choose the Use all processors on this computer: 8 option.
  • Finally, click on OK.

How to Make Excel Faster on Windows 10

This is how you will be able to make faster your applications.

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8. Avoid Using Entire Row or Column References

When an entire row or column is used as a cell reference, the application’s performance can be slowed down. Setting up an entire row in the cell reference will cause 16,384 cells of that row in that reference, and among these cells, most of the cells will remain unused. Moreover, using that entire row in the cell reference will cause a burn of your processor’s memory. Similarly, if we set a whole column in the cell reference, 1,048,576 cells of that column will be inserted as the cell reference. So, you can realize that using an entire row or column as the cell reference is nothing but increases the complexity of that formula.

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9. Decrease the Size of the Excel File

The bigger an Excel file is, the more data it contains and the longer it will take to open. At some point, the file may become unstable. It is a good idea to remove purposeless formulas and the formatting from the Excel file. You can remove all unutilized cell data.

10. Edit Excel File in Desktop Version Only

Excel spreadsheets may operate quite slowly when directly edited in web applications like SharePoint. You can also check out files and download them onto your computer rather than editing them from the Web apps. When you finish the editing, you have to check-in in order to upload this file back, then you need to check it out carefully.

11. Avoid Using Volatile Functions

Volatile functions refer to functions whose value changes whenever they are calculated. As a result, it adds an extra load on the processors of that device. Moreover, this function gets refreshed whenever the file opens or maximizes from the Task Bar. Excel has 8 built-in volatile functions. So you need to avoid these functions to make your Excel faster. The volatile functions are:

  1. NOW()
  2. TODAY()
  4. RAND()
  6. OFFSET()
  7. CELL()
  8. INFO()

12. Modifying Calculation Options

Depending on the calculation options in Excel, any calculation will take a certain amount of time. Switching the calculation mode sometimes helps us to make our applications faster. The steps for changing this mode are shown below:

📌 Steps:

  • First, go to the Formula tab.
  • Then, click on the drop-down arrow of the Calculation Options.
  • You will see that the speed of calculation will increase.
  • At last, we can say that we are able to fix the problem and speed up Excel.
  • Switch the calculation mode from Automatic to Manual.

Modifying Calculation Options

13. Using Microsoft Excel 64-bit Version

If you are currently using a 32-bit version of Microsoft Excel, then installing its 64-bit version may help you speed up your calculation processing. Before that, your hardware must have to fulfill the requirements needed to install the 64-bit version of Excel.

14. Delete All Unnecessary Data and Sheets

Unnecessary data scattered throughout a worksheet makes the file larger. As a result, it requires more memory space from your computer’s processor to run its computational progress, and finally, your device lacks its performance. If you don’t know whether there remains any unessential data, the steps to remove them are shown below step by step:

📌 Steps:

  • Select an entire column.
  • Then, press the ‘Ctrl+Shift+Right arrow’ to select all the rest of the columns.

Delete All Unnecessary Data and Sheets

  • After that, press Delete.
  • Similarly, select an entire row and press the ‘Ctrl+Shift+Down arrow’ to select the rest of the rows.

How to Make Excel Faster on Windows 10

  • Finally, press Delete to delete all data.
  • Moreover, you can delete a sheet by right click on the sheet name in the Sheet Name Bar with your mouse.
  • You can remove all unnecessary data and sheets by following the way.
  • Thus, we can say that by removing unimportant data, we can make faster Excel.

15. Saving Excel Files in Binary Format

Saving large Excel files in binary format is another way to make faster the application’s operational time. The procedure for saving a file in the binary format is given below:

📌 Steps:

  • First of all, select the File > Save As option.
  • As a result, the Save As window will appear.
  • After that, change the file format from Excel Workbook (*.xlsx) to Excel Binary Workbook (*.xlsb).
  • Now, choose your desired location and click on Save to save it in binary format.

Saving Excel Files in  Binary Format

16. Applying Formulas That Work Fast

In Excel, some functions can process the calculation more quickly than some specific functions. We are mentioning two functions regarding this issue.

17. Close Other Programs on Your Device

It is possible for your device to suffer from performance issues when keeping some unnecessary applications on. Because even if you minimize that application, they acquire some of your processor memory to keep running their internal work. As a result, Excel doesn’t get enough processor memory to process its calculations smoothly. Always try to keep less number of running applications on your device. Moreover, close every application after completing its work. It is a good practice.

18. Use Database Tools for Keeping data

There are many Excel formulas that take a long time to calculate because there is a lot of data in the worksheet. By storing source data in other tools or CSV files and relying only on Excel for calculations, it is possible to make Excel more efficient. You can also utilize a power query in order to pull in data.

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19. Re-Installing Windows

It is the ultimate way to solve this problem. If none of these solutions mentioned above can increase the computation speed of Excel, you can re-install the window of your computer. But it may lose all the available data of your C-Drive. So, we recommend you, try all the 18 solutions, mentioned here to fix the issue.

Download Practice Workbook

Download this practice workbook to exercise while you are reading this article. It contains all the datasets in different spreadsheets for a clear understanding.


That’s the end of today’s session. I strongly believe that from now you may be able to make Excel faster on Windows 10. If you have any queries or recommendations, please share them in the comments section below. Keep learning new methods and keep growing!

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