LARGE function in Excel

LARGE Function: Overview

The LARGE function in Microsoft Excel returns the nth largest value from a data range.

LARGE function: Syntax

 LARGE (array, nth_position)

LARGE function: Parameters or Arguments

The syntax has the following arguments:

  • array: Array is a data range or array from which you want to return the nth largest value.
  • nth_position: nth_position is the position from the largest value to return.

LARGE function: Note

  • If your array is empty, the LARGE function returns the #NUM! error value.
  • The LARGE function returns the #NUM! error value, if your provided nth_position is larger than the total number of values in the array or data range.

LARGE function: Example

LARGE function in Excel

LARGE function in Excel.

In the worksheet above, you see some values in the cell range A4: A12. Based on this data, you can return the following types of return:

Formula Result
=LARGE(A4:A12, 1) 100
=LARGE(A4:A12, 5) 56
=LARGE(A4:A12, 6) 87
=LARGE(A4:A12, 9) -2.3
=LARGE(A4:A12, 10) #NUM!
=LARGE(A4:A12, 2) 91

Download Working File

Download this file to practice yourself, including an exercise.

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