How to insert column in Excel (Quick 5 methods)

Sometimes working with Excel an extra one or multiple columns are needed between two columns. Are you searching for the easiest methods to insert a column (or columns) in Excel? Then you are in the right place.

In this article, I will discuss the five various ways to insert columns in Excel and the ways that will serve various purposes of inserting columns in Excel. Let’s get into the main discussion.

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5 ways to insert column in Excel

Let’s get introduced to the data table first. Here four columns are taken named Product, Product Code, Color, Price, and a total of thirteen rows have been taken as shown below :

Data set

Now, we will discuss various ways of inserting columns in Excel.

Method-1: Insert a Column to the Left of a Column using the Insert command

Step-1: At first we have to select the column from which on the left side a new column is required.

Here, suppose  I want to add a column named Size between Color and Price column.

So, I have selected the column Price.  Now I will select the Insert Sheet Columns option under the Insert command under the Cells group under the Home tab.

Insert option to insert column in excel

Step-2: Here is the result below, a new column named Size has been created.

New column Size inserted

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Method-2: Insert a Column to the Left of a Column (shortcut method)

Step-1: As like Method 1 the same process can be done in an easier way.
You have to just select the whole column from which on the left side you want a new column and then right-click on your mouse and select the Insert option.

shortcut method to insert column in Excel

Step-2: Now, a new column named Size will be inserted as shown below.
However, you can do the same by selecting the column and then pressing SHIFT + CTRL + +.
In this way also the same result as below will occur.

New column inserted

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Method-3: Insert Multiple Columns Simultaneously

Step-1: If you need more than one column before any column then you have to select the following columns as  the same number to the required columns.
As an example here, I needed 2 columns named Material and Size before the Color column, so  I selected the following 2 columns named Color and Price.
Then You have to right-click on your mouse and click on the Insert option.

Insert Multiple columns in excel

Step-2: After that, the new 2 columns named Material and Size will be formed as below.

New two column inserted

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Method-4: Insert New Columns Simultaneously for Non-Contiguous Columns

Step-1: Non-contiguous columns represent the columns that are not adjacent to each other which means separated columns.

Suppose I need a column named ID No. before Product Code and Size before Price.

So, I will select first the Product Code named column and then press CTRL and select the

Price column.

In this way, various numbers of non-adjacent columns can be selected.

Now You will just have to follow Method-1.

Selecting two non-adjacent columns

Step-2: By following this way two new columns named ID No. and Size will be added as below.

New 2 column inserted

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Method-5: Insert a Column into a Formatted Table (Power Query)

Step-1: Sometimes a new column is needed for a formatted table. For this, You just have to select the column from which on the left side You want a new column.

Then select Insert Table Columns to the Left under Insert option under Cells group under Home tab.

Here, I wanted a column named Size before the Color column and so I have selected the Color column.

insert new column in Excel in power query

Step-2: After that, a new column named Size will be formed before the Color.

A new column inserted

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In this article, I have tried to cover the possible easiest ways to insert columns in excel. Hope this article will help you a lot. If you have any further ideas related to this topic then you can share them with us. You can ask any question here. Thank you.

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