Importing a text file in Microsoft Excel

Sometimes you may want that you will place a text file into a specific range of your worksheet. You will at first think that you have to import the text file in a new workbook and then copy the data and paste it into your range where you wanted to place it. But there is a direct way to do it. 🙂

We are going to import this CSV file into our Excel worksheet at Cell B3.

At first, let’s check the inside view of a CSV file. CSV means comma-separated value. In this type of file, values are stored with commas.

Importing Data in Excel

Inside of a sample CSV file

Let’s import this CSV file in Cell B3 of our worksheet.

  1. Choose Data (tab) ➪ Get External Data (Group) ➪ From Text (command). The “Import Text File” dialog box will appear.
  2. Navigate to the folder where you have saved the CSV file “DSE Index.csv”.
  3. Select the file “DSE Index.csv” from the list, click the Import button. The “Text Import Wizard-Step 1 of 2” dialog box will appear now. If you double-click on the “DSE Index.csv” file, the direct “Text Import Wizard-Step 1 of 2” dialog box will appear.
  4. In the “Text Import Wizard-Step 1 of 2” dialog box, select the ‘Delimited’ Radio button, then click on the ‘Next’ button, deselect ‘Tab’ and select ‘Comma’ from the ‘Delimiters’ list, and Select ‘Finish’ to end our job with “Text Import Wizard-Step 1 of 2” dialog box.
  5. When you clicked ‘Finish’, the ‘Import Data’ dialog box will appear. You can choose also “New worksheet” to select a new worksheet to place your CSV values.
  6. Click OK, and Excel imports the data. Observe the following two images.
Importing Data in Excel

Import Data Dialog Box. Enter the cell address where you want to place your CSV values. We have entered the E10 value.

Importing Data in Excel

CSV data placed in the E10 position of the worksheet.

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Download Working File

Download the working file from the link below:




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