How to Move Columns in Excel (4 Quick Ways)

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Move columns are one of the most common operations we do in Excel. In many cases, we misplace columns where they should not be. There are different methods to move columns in Microsoft Excel. In this article, we will discuss 4 quick ways you can move columns in Excel with elaborate explanations.

How to Move Columns in Excel (4 Quick Ways)

Here, 4 distinct ways of moving columns in Excel are shown. The dataset used for this purpose is shown below. To avoid any inconvenience, try to use the Excel 365 edition.

how to move columns in excel

1. Press Shift and Drag Cursor to Move Columns

In this method, we’ll move the Last Name column to the middle (Column C). The Sales column will thus automatically move to the first column (Column B).

One of the easiest methods to do this process is by using a keyboard button and a mouse.

1.1 Move Single Column

Let’s get introduced to our dataset first. In the following table, we have three columns with the headers of some random names, sales amounts, and countries.


  • First of all, select the cells of a column by clicking the left button of the mouse and dragging it.
  • Then move the mouse pointer to any border side of the selected area. You will see a four-direction arrow sign.

Press Shift and Drag Cursor to Move Columns in Excel

  • Then press and hold the shift key and by pressing the left button of the mouse move it to your desired location where a bold vertical line will be shown.
  • And then release the left click and Shift buttons serially.

  • Here we have moved the B column before the C column.

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1.2 Move Multiple Columns

With this method, you will be able to move multiple columns smoothly both in small or large spreadsheets. Here I will swap columns B and C after column D.


  • Select the area of multiple columns, press the left-click button, and drag.
  • Then move the mouse to any edge of the selected border. We will see a 4 direction arrow sign then.

Press Shift and Drag Cursor to Move Columns in Excel

  • At that moment, press and hold the Shift key and then press the left-click button and drag to your desired location where you will see a vertical bold line.
  • Then release the left click button and Shift key serially.

  • I have moved those columns after the Country column.

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2. Transfer Columns with Excel Cut Command

This method is very simple to apply because we are very familiar with the Cut command. Here I will cut the D column and will bring it before the C column.


  • Just select the range of cells of a column by using the mouse then click the right button and press the Cut option from the Context Menu.
  • Or just press the Ctrl+X button from the keyboard. Here I have selected the Country column.

  • Then select the first cell of the column before which you want to move. I will move before the sales column. That’s why I have selected that cell.
  • Then click the right button and press the Insert Cut cells option.

  • And you’ll find the column has been moved.

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3. Apply Sort Feature for Moving Columns

Really, it’s like a magical method. According to this method, I will arrange the columns in the serial of Country > Sales > Last Name by moving the columns.


  • Put numbers in the range of cell B3:D3 according to your desired serial like 3,2,1.
  • Then select the full range of cells (B3:D12) by using a mouse.
  • Then go to the Data tab and select the Sort command from the Sort & Filter drop-down.
  • It will open a dialog box.

Apply Sort Feature to move columns in excel

  • Press the Options tab and then select the button Sort left to right.

  • Then select Sort by Row 3 and press OK.

  • See here the columns have been arranged according to the number.

  • Now just delete the number row representing the serials.
  • And finally, you’ll get the following output.

4. Swap Columns Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

If you have a large spreadsheet, then this method will be helpful to apply. In this method, I will swap the Country column with the Sales column.


  • First, select the range of cells D3:D12 and then press Ctrl+X.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts to move columns in excel

  • After that, select the range of cells C3:C12 and hold Ctrl + Plus Sign (+) on the numeric keypad.

  • The columns have been swapped as shown in the screenshot below.

Download Practice Workbook

Download the following Excel workbook that we’ve used to prepare this article.


So we showed here how you can move columns in an Excel sheet using 4 methods. For this problem, a workbook is available to download where you can practice these methods. Feel free to ask any questions or feedback through the comment section. Any suggestion for the betterment of the Exceldemy community will be highly appreciated.

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