How to Enter Same Data in Multiple Sheets in Excel

When we work in Excel, very often we need to enter the same data in multiple sheets. It’s time consuming and monotonous to write the same thing on every sheet. But there’s a way to do that quickly in Excel. We will group the sheets together to enter same data in multiple sheets.

Practice Workbook

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Steps to Enter Same Data in Multiple Sheets in Excel

With a very quick few steps, we can reduce a lot of hard work. In this article, we will show you the steps to enter the same data in multiple sheets in Excel.

Step 1: Creating Multiple Sheets

At first, we need to create the required number of sheets by just clicking on the Plus option beside the name of the current worksheet. We rewrite the name of the sheets. In our case, we created three sheets with the name Player Set 1, Player Set 2, and Player Set 3.

Now we fill up the data of multiple sheets.

Payer Set 1

enter same data in multiple sheet

We keep the cells empty whose value we will write altogether.

Player Set 2

create separate sheet for enter same data

Player Set 3

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Step 2: Grouping Multiple Sheets

Now we group worksheets by selecting the active sheet, pressing and holding the CTRL key, and selecting the rest sheets through a mouse click. In our case, we select Player Set 2 and Player Set 3.

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Step 3: Input Same Data

Now we enter the desired data in the active sheet which we want to copy on all selected sheets.

Player Set 1

enter same data in 1st sheet

We’ve entered the country for those players in sheet 1. Let’s see the next sheet.

Player Set 2

Hurrah! We did it. The data are copied to every sheet.

We checked if the data were copied in sheet 3.

Player Set 3

same data appear in separete sheet in ExcelHurrah! The data Portugal and Argentina were copied to Player Set 2 and Player Set 3.

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Step 4: Ungroup Multiple Sheets

Now we will ungroup our sheets for regular use. We will select the active sheet then press and hold CTRL and select the rest cells and the ungrouping is done.

ungroup the sheets in Excel

Now we can input regular data and can use it as usual.

Advantages of Entering Same Data in Multiple Sheets

Frequently we input the same data on several sheets which is time consuming and monotonous work. We can easily reduce the hard work only by grouping the sheets. It’s a very quick and easy process.


In this article, we showed the way to enter the same data in multiple sheets in Excel. Grouping sheets is very fast and smooth to enter the same data quickly in multiple sheets. Hope this article will help you. If you face any problem following the steps or if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comment section below.

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