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  1. shamimarita

    [Solved] Eisenhower matrix

    Hello JeffVLC, You can download the practice workbook from the article's Download Free Template section: Download Free Template
  2. shamimarita

    SUMIF Based on Date and Text

    Hello Paul, Please share your sample workbook. You can use dummy data. Otherwise, it won't be possible to understand the value of your mentioned ranges.
  3. shamimarita

    Hello Elk, I hope you are doing well. You can check your spreadsheets for the solution. The...

    Hello Elk, I hope you are doing well. You can check your spreadsheets for the solution. The formula we used to achieve your expected result is: =INDEX($A$2:$F$4,MATCH(A11&B11&C11&$H$9,A2:A4&B2:B4&C2:C4&D2:D4,0),5)
  4. shamimarita

    [Solved] Rank Formula

    You can use this formula : =IFERROR( IF(D5=0, "",IF(D5>0, IF(...
  5. shamimarita

    [Solved] Rank Formula

    Dear Jululian, I hope you are doing well. I've used the ROUNDUP and ROUND formulas to avoid the decimals in rank. Where numbers are rounded up if the decimal values are less than 0.5, or rounded and added +1 to the next integer if they are equal to or greater than 0.5. You can change the...
  6. shamimarita

    [Solved] Autofill formulas, exclude the auto fill for certain cells

    Hello Hajjash, I hope you are doing well. You can use the absolute reference if you don't want the autofill or auto increase of rows and columns. Here is the updated formula. =SUMIFS('Calendar Tracker'!$O$2:$O$1517, 'Calendar Tracker'!$B$2:$B$1517, "="&$B36,'Calendar Tracker'!$H$2:$H$1517,"<>")
  7. shamimarita

    [Solved] Need Excel Formula to get sum of all numbers in any cell with Specific text next to the number

    Hello Sweetbrwnshugar, I hope you are doing well. I've used a combination of different functions. I applied it to all the attendance codes in your Excel file. Note. Don't use the same code multiple times, try to use unique codes. Use VAC-P instead of P-VAC. Here is the formula...
  8. shamimarita

    Excel 2021 on Mac how to get form back

    Hello Spidey, You can manually follow the articles to create a data entry form manually or by using VBA. How to Create Data Entry Form in Excel How to Create Data Entry Form in Excel VBA
  9. shamimarita

    [Solved] Get a specific answer from multiple columns

    Your post is not clear. Kindly specify the problem and your expected result so that we can help you.
  10. shamimarita

    [Solved] Regarding Lookup formula

    You can swap your Emp Id column. Keep your lookup array (Emp Id) on the left side. I've inserted an image and attached the Excel file for your better understanding. Or you can use the VLOOKUP function with the IFERROR function. It will give the same result as the XLOOKUP function. Kindly...
  11. shamimarita

    [Solved] Regarding Lookup formula

    Hello Ashish, Hope you are doing well. Please tell me one thing, in which Excel version are you using the XLOOKUP function?
  12. shamimarita

    [Solved] I desperately need help on how to create excels for each of these problem. Could someone please help me!!! Please I need help!

    Kindly open a new thread with a new problem to get a reply and solution quickly.
  13. shamimarita


    Can you please tell us which version of Excel you are using? If you use Excel 2010 and later versions you can use the VLOOKUP function mentioned above. Here I am attaching a drop-down list with the previous formula so that if you enter any value in E4 cell then you will get the respective HSN...
  14. shamimarita

    [Answered] Using VBA to pull data from a website fails on a lib "user32" statement

    Hello Jburgauer, Your problem seems a bit difficult and time-consuming and to solve each and every requirement a specialized team is needed. If it's part of any project or you want further help you may contact us at [email protected]
  15. shamimarita

    [Solved] Paye As You Earn Calculation

    Dear Maps, You are most welcome.
  16. shamimarita

    [Solved] Format cell spacing

    Hi tac45, You are most welcome.
  17. shamimarita

    [Solved] I have a question regarding mail merge. I have to email multiple records associated with a single email address, how to do it?

    Dear Hassan, You are most welcome. Keep sharing your Excel-related problems with us.

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