Forum Rules

Please read and adhere to these simple rules!

Please read and adhere to these simple rules!

Rule #1: Post Format

  • While posting any query remember to follow proper formatting. Do not post the same message multiple times in multiple categories.
  • Provide complete information including relevant details. Try to explain any problem or technical terms and concepts in an easy way. Also provide the background information regarding the query.
  • State your Excel environment and version.
  • Follow the category to get the help promptly. This will help you to get an organised answer and will maintain the discussion flow.
  • Before asking a new query try to search the problem first, it will save your time and helps us to avoid duplicates.

Rule #2: Things to Avoid

  • Irrelevant posts are prohibited. Post any query or problem regarding Excel.
  • Do not provide any incorrect or misleading information. Discussions of any problem will be focused on the relevant topic (Excel, Spreadsheet).
  • Do not discuss or advertise any pirated software of illegal excel copies. Can’t ask help to bypass protected Excel Files. Discussion about cheating is not allowed.
  • Do not use excessive amounts of emoticons, symbols, colours, quotes, special characters etc.
  • Do not post any negative or hate comments or slang. Political and religious discussions are not allowed.

Rule #3: Etiquette

  • You are very much welcome to provide any solutions/answers related to the problems. We encourage users to share their knowledge and expertise with the community.
  • Try to minimise the solutions and also stay on topic and give constructive feedback.
  • Be considerate of different viewpoints and avoid monopolising conversation.
  • Be helpful and respectful to each other, while answering and posting any query provides constructive criticism.
  • Not allowed to post any personal information like phone numbers, address, social media link and Email addresses.

Rule #4: Which Things You Can Report?

  • Report any spam link, misleading and incorrect information, broken links and any types of violations of Forum Rules.
  • Do not use forums to promote your business sites or yourself and report it.
  • Report any negative or hate comments or slang. Along with political and religious discussions are not allowed.
  • Regarding technical issues or problems of the forum you are requested to report to us.

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