VLOOKUP Function in Excel: Learn with Examples

VLOOKUP Function: Overview

VLOOKUP function is used to search in a list/ database with a value reference. See the following image.

VLOOKUP Function: Syntax

VLOOKUP (lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, range_lookup)

VLOOKUP Function: Example

VLOOKUP formula in Excel

An example of a VLOOKUP list

In above image, we see a list of some sales by some sales person. Someday you may want to know “Net Sales” of “Jimmy”. It is easy to find out the result: 714. But if the list is very large, then we can’t find our value so easily. We can then use VLOOKUP formula. This is one of the most used formulas in Excel.

Now let’s narrate our previous example in the language of VLOOKUP formula “=VLOOKUP (“Jimmy”, $B$5:$E$17, 3, FALSE)”. It means we are calling VLOOKUP to search the value “Jimmy” in cell range B5:E17 and if found return the value of 3rd index(here 714) and if not found will return an Error. So simple :). VLOOKUP finds the value and return us.

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