How to Create a Catalog in Excel (with Easy Steps)

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The catalog means the record of the lists of products of a certain company, institution, or course. It is the overview of the list of products or objects that is available in that particular system. Sometimes, the catalog is created alphabetically to give it a more organized look. There are different Catalog Machine tools to create a catalog. But have you ever thought about making a catalog in Excel? Confused, right? There is no specific tool to make a catalog in Excel. But you can add information about your products and make a menu using the Hyperlink to create a catalog. We are going to demonstrate this procedure and then you will be able to become an Excel catalog creator. So, let’s get started.

Download Practice Workbook

Download the following practice workbook. It will help you to realize the topic more clearly.

3 Easy Steps to Create a Catalog in Excel

In this article, we are going to show you 3 simple steps to create a catalog in Excel. You can insert product information such as Price, Product IDs, and other necessary things. Also, a picture of a specific product can be added too. We have discussed the steps for better visualization. Follow the below steps.
Not to mention, we have used the Microsoft Excel 365 version. You may use any other version at your convenience. Please leave a comment if any part of this article does not work in your version.

Step 01: Create Headers

  • Firstly, you have to create a header for your company’s catalog like we have created in the below image. It will give your catalog a descriptive visualization.

Create Headers for Excel Catalog Creator

Step 02: Input Product Information into Different Sheets

  • Consequently, make a list of your important information for specific products. Here, we have taken the Product IDs, Products Name, Quantity, and the Sales Rep for corresponding products (see the image below).

Input Product Information into Different Sheets for excel catalog creator

  • Apparently, we have taken different worksheets for different types of product details for which we will make the catalog.

Different product sheets

  • Subsequently, we create a sheet named Menu where we add the Product headers. See the below image for clarification.

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Step 03: Insert Hyperlink to Create Catalog

  • At this moment, right-click on the Product Name.
  • Eventually, the Context Menu appears. Choose the Link from there.

Insert hyperlink to Create Catalog in Excel

  • Sequentially, the Insert Hyperlink dialog wizard pops out. Make the Link to as Place in this Document. Select the Type the Cell Reference to B4. Pick the select a place in this document for Motor Vehicles.
  • Lastly, hit OK.

Insert Hyperlink window

Finally, the link has been added like the image below.

Similarly, make hyperlinks to the other products also to get the following outputs.

Now, whenever you click on the Product Menu for a specific product it will take you to the corresponding Product Information sheets where you can get the necessary information.

Excel Catalog Creator GIF


That’s all about today’s session. And these are some easy steps to generate a catalog creator in Excel. Please let us know in the comments section if you have any questions or suggestions. For a better understanding please download the practice sheet. Visit our website ExcelDemy, a one-stop Excel solution provider, to find out about diverse kinds of excel methods. Thanks for your patience in reading this article.

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