Data clean-up techniques in Excel: Extracting a filename from a URL

Sometimes you may have a list of URLs and you need to extract only the file name. In the following way, you can extract the file name from a URL. Assume cell A4 contains this URL:

The following formula returns horse.jpg from the above URL:


To understand this formula you have to know these four functions of Excel: RIGHT(), LEN(), FIND(), and SUBSTITUTE().

To make understand this process easier, we have broken the formula into different parts.

Download this excel file to see the breakdown of the formula

This formula returns actually all text that follows the last slash character. If cell A4 doesn’t contain a slash character, the formula will return an error.

To extract the URL without the file name, use this formula:

Extracting a file name from a URL

Extracting a file name from a URL.

Note: You can use the Flash Fill technique to extract this type of data. Visit how to split text in Excel using Flash Fill

Happy Excelling 🙂

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