Data Clean-up Techniques in Excel: Classifying Values

This article requires that you know Data clean-up techniques in Excel: Transforming Data with Formulas

Sometimes it may be necessary that you will classify the values into a group. For example, if you have a file that lists the ages of people, you might want to classify them into groups such as 17 or younger, 18–24, 25–34, and so on.

Download sample file to work with classifying values in Excel

You can do this classification using a Look-Up table. The following image shows ages in column A under the “Age” header, and classifications of ages under the “Classification” header in column B. Column B uses the look-up table in D5: E12. The formula in cell B5 is =VLOOKUP(A5,$D$5:$E$12,2)

In this example, we have used absolute cell reference with a $ sign before cell references. Then copy the formula for the cells below. You will get your result like the following image.

Classifying values in Excel

Using a look-up table to classify ages into age ranges.

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