AND Function in MS Excel

AND Function: Overview

The Microsoft Excel AND function returns TRUE if all logic is TRUE. It returns FALSE if any of the logic is FALSE.

AND function: Syntax

 AND (logic1,[logic2], …)

AND function: Parameters or Arguments

The AND function syntax has the following arguments:

  • logic1: Required one. The first logic that you want to test whether it is TRUE or FALSE.
  • logic2: Optional condition. The additional condition that you want to test whether it is TRUE or FALSE. Maximum 255 conditions can be checked.

AND function: Remarks

  • The arguments must be logical values (0, 1, -100, …). The arguments also may be of array or reference (A1, A2, B1, B2, …) type.
  • If an array or reference argument holds text or empty cells, AND function will ignore these values. For example, cell range A3: B5 holds US, New York, UK, London, 100, 200. The formula “=AND(A3: B5)” will return TRUE as 100 and 200 values among the data.
  • When the arguments do not contain any logical values, the AND function returns the #VALUE! error value.
  • When the arguments are a combination of text and values, it also shows #VALUE! error. For example, formula “=AND(“US, “New York”, “UK”, “London”, 100, 200)” returns #VALUE! error. Remember these data when was in cell range returned TRUE in the previous example.

AND function: Example

Formula Description Result
=AND(TRUE, TRUE) All arguments are TRUE. TRUE
=AND(TRUE, FALSE) One argument is FALSE. FALSE
=AND(2+2=4, 2+3=5) All arguments evaluate to TRUE. TRUE
=AND(0) Argument is FALSE, as it is 0. FALSE
=AND(1) Argument is TRUE. TRUE
=AND(-500) Argument is TRUE. TRUE
=AND(A3:B5) Argument is TRUE, as 100, 200 are values. TRUE
=AND(“US”, “New York”, “UK”, “London”, 100, 200) Argument is not valid, combination of text and values. #VALUE!
AND Function in MS Excel

AND Function Example in Excel.

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