How to Make an Accelerated Aging Calculator in Excel

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Certainly, Microsoft Excel is a popular and useful tool for performing complex equations. Now, wouldn’t it be great if we could calculate accelerated aging in Excel? Sounds complex, right? Wrong! In this article, we’ll show how to make an accelerated aging calculator in Excel in 4 easy steps.

What Is Accelerated Aging?

First of all, let us dwell a little on what is meant by “accelerated aging”?
Accelerated aging determines the shelf life of a product before it is sold to the consumer, and real-world data is available. Normally, accelerated aging involves performing studies that mimic how aging may affect materials over their lifetime.

Arithmetic Formula to Calculate Accelerated Aging Duration

Generally speaking, the Arrhenius equation serves as the basis for calculating accelerated aging time. Therefore, the equation for accelerated aging according to the ASTM F1980 standard is:

accelerated aging calculator excel


  • Desired Shelf Life is the time in months that a product remains fit for use/consumption.
  • Q10 is the Aging Factor which usually considered to be 2, meaning the aging rate doubles for every 10℃ changes in temperature.
  • TAA is the Accelerated Aging Temperature which ranges from 40℃ to 60℃.
  • TS is the surrounding or the ambient temperature which is normally between 20℃ and 25℃.

Make an Accelerated Aging Calculator in Excel: 4 Easy Steps

Now, let us consider the Shelf Lives of Aspirin Brands dataset shown in the B4:D14 cells. Here, the dataset shows the Serial number, the Brand, and the Shelf Life in Months for each Brand respectively. So, let’s glance at each of the steps shown below.

accelerated aging calculator excel

Here, we have used the Microsoft Excel 365 version, you may use any other version according to your convenience.

📌 Step 1: Enter the Shelf Life

  • First, enter the Desired Shelf Life of the product, here, we’ve chosen 12 months for the Aspirin from Brand 6 as shown in the above dataset.

Entering Shelf Life

📌 Step 2: Specify the Temperatures and Aging Factor

  • Second, type in the Accelerated Aging Temperature in degrees Celsius, which in this case is 50℃.
  • Next, enter the Ambient Temperature in degrees Celsius, here it is 25℃.
  • Following this, insert the Aging Factor value, usually, this value is taken as 2.

Specify the Temperatures and Aging Factor

📌 Step 3: Calculate Accelerated Aging Factor

  • Third, compute the Aging Factor using the formula given below.


Here, the C7, C8, and C9 cells refer to the input parameters Accelerated Aging Temperature, Ambient Temperature, and Aging Factor respectively.

📃 Note: Please make sure to use Absolute Cell Reference by pressing the F4 key on your keyboard.

Calculate Accelerated Aging Factor

📌 Step 4: Obtain the Accelerated Aging Time

  • Fourth, compute the Accelerated Aging Time in days by inserting the expression given below.


Here, the C6 and C12 cells point to the Desired Shelf Life and Accelerated Aging Factor respectively.

Obtain the Accelerated Aging Time

Eventually, the results should look like the screenshot given below.

accelerated aging calculator excel

Interpretation of Result

In the following section, we’ll explain the results of this accelerated aging test.

Interpretation of Result

  • First, the Accelerated Aging Factor signifies that each day spent by the product at 50℃ temperature equals 5.66 days of real-time aging.
  • Second, in order to test the Shelf Life of the product, in this example of 12 months, we need to perform the Accelerated Aging test for 64.52 days at this Ambient Temperature and Accelerated Aging Temperature.

Practice Section

Here, we have provided a Practice section on the right side of each sheet so you can practice yourself. Please make sure to do it by yourself.

Practice Section

Download Practice Workbook


Henceforth, I have shown you a step-by-step guide on how to make an accelerated aging calculator in Excel. So I suggest you read the full article carefully and apply the knowledge to your needs. You can also download our free workbook to practice. Finally, I hope you find this article helpful and informative. If you have any further queries or recommendations, please feel free to comment here.

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